• New Home Construction Timeline

As the age-old idiom goes, “Haste makes waste.” That proverb applies in numerous situations, not least of which is the process of building a sturdy and high-quality house.

Home-building, in general, is an enterprise that consumes a substantial amount of resources and materials. If done hastily or improperly, finances, supplies and time can easily be exhausted. If conducted according to a meticulous schedule and process, however, your new home will be finished without added expense or unexpected issues.

At Kroll Residential, we know what it takes to get the job done right the first time. With an appreciative understanding of the thought and consideration—along with tangible resources—that go into your decision to build a new home, you should know what to expect at every step of the home-building process.

How long does it take to build a home?

For planning purposes, it can be helpful to have a rough estimate of how long it may take to construct your new home. In the mid-Atlantic area, the National Home Builders Association estimates a home takes about six to seven months to complete, including the pre-construction process of acquiring permits and finalizing plans.

Once we are ready to break ground, the home building process can take roughly four to six months, although the home building timeline can be affected by numerous external factors. Building a semi-custom home takes less time than a fully custom home because the building plans are already approved by the city. To get a better understanding of the steps to building a house, here is a closer look at a sample itinerary:

  1. Pre-Construction Meeting. Once you have decided to build your new home rather than buying one, the process starts with a pre-construction meeting. In this time we will go over the specifications of the house to ensure your every need and wish for changes are accounted for in the building plans.
  2. Foundation. Once excavation and site preparation are finished, the contractor is ready to pour the foundation, whether it is a concrete slab foundation, basement foundation, or crawl space foundation. The process typically takes about three to four weeks.
  3. Framing. During this phase, your home will take its’ shape. The roof rafters will be installed on the home along with windows and doors. Framing typically takes about two weeks.
  4. Mechanical Rough-ins. With the help of various vendors, your house will now be fitted for plumbing, electrical wiring, mechanical elements and insulation that need to go within or beneath the surface of walls, ceilings, and floors. This process typically takes four weeks.
  5. Capturing Your Style. During the next phase, your home will receive more defining character that consists of siding, drywall and plastering, painting, cabinets and interior trim. Other projects done at this time include installing interior trim, cornice, shelving, and cabinets; laying hardwood floors or ceramic tiles; and interior caulking and painting. Depending on your design decisions, stone and or brick are installed on the exterior. This typically takes five weeks.
  6. Finishing Touches. At this point in the process, your home comes to life. Appliances, fixtures, hardware and floor coverings throughout the home are installed. Vendors will place their final touches on their various areas of expertise. The exterior will be getting its’ special touch with landscaping and sod. A deep clean is done so you can get a jump start on making memories. This typically takes four weeks.
  7. Homeowner Orientation. You will meet with our Kroll Residential representative who will walk you through the many features of your new home. Our representative will also provide a maintenance overview and any tips to make maintenance easy. With more than 4,000 parts, by more than 1,000 professional vendors we understand certain flaws may occur. To provide the correction of these flaws our representative will go over our warranty process and how to submit a warranty request if needed. Typically takes two hours.
  8. Welcome Home! All of your hard design decisions and waiting is over. We know that much thought and consideration went into deciding who to build your new home with so our goal is to ensure you will fully enjoy your semi-custom home for many years to come.


New House Construction: A Worthwhile Endeavor

The process of building a house is a long-term undertaking that requires a specific process and can be influenced by external factors. In the end, though, you are rewarded with a place to call your own that fits your needs and sets you and your loved ones up for a comfortable life. Working with a conscientious contractor who recognizes the value of your new home and what you have poured into it will make the process considerably less challenging. Kroll Residential is invested in mitigating your concerns, paying close attention to important details, and working efficiently yet meticulously to build your new semi-custom home in a timely fashion.